Monday, October 1, 2012

Live Blog 2

How to not conduct an interview by the film lab. Once you start, don't get distracted. Don't do an interview without a background. Do practice interviews beforehand. Ask specific questions and not broad ones. Don't wing it and have the questions prepared. Respect the subject. yes or no questions aren't good ones for an interview. "and then what happened, what happened next". Don't ever interrupt the client. Keep the subject looking at you and not the camera. Remnant lighting can be really harsh and bright. Rule of 3rds. Diffuse the light source, want to flatter the subjects. Sitting across from the subject is the one asking the questions. Nose room, head room, Don't cut off the chin, you can cut off the head. Watch the hands so that there in the shot instead of popping in and out of it. Background says as much about subject as the subject does.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Live Blog on Lib Guides

       Graphics are very important as well as conveying the idea of what the guides represent. Visually appealing as well as the text correlates with the image. Acknowledging the QR code and letting the viewer's know that it will take you straight to the online Library guides. All the guides do not convey what the library guides are trying to represent. So a more accurate representation of library uses. Library guides need to be more accurate in what each section of the library guides is about. More of one stop shopping for your resources in each topic area. The color contrasts such as the white on yellow, or yellow on white has a bad visual understanding. The athletic training with the knee is a good graphic, and the wording is almost correct, but needs to be just a touch more spot on. Grammatical errors in some of the flyers, need to be spell checked. More precise with a bit more punch to being accurately connecting the information and the images. More of a universal theme for all students rather than just isolation one section. So that they students view all subject areas. Extended campus, internet courses as a whole for those students who are onsite or online. There is one place that any student can go to access all the needs in each subject to be guided through the library. Access all subject at your finger tips using the QR code. Acknowledge the power the QR code has and what it actually does to represent the library guides accurately. Communicating to an audience through their language even if you don't speak it to create an understanding.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Anthropological Introduction to youtube

Youtube showing viral videos and how we connect through this website that isn't meant to overrun peoples lives, but yet it shows the lives of everyone all over the world.
Numa Numa went viral especially when one guy decided to let go and feel free amongst himself.
People to people can connect and communicate and interact easier due to youtube along with other websites that are public.
Anyone can achieve the success of a viral video if promoted properly.
15% of all videos on youtube are actually remakes of other videos.
Almost 10,000 of the 200,000 videos on youtube are addressed to the youtube community itself.
Participant observation is joining the phenomenon.
Invisible audience phenomenon. The audience is unknown due to just speaking to a camera. The idea is that the video being created or your image and words could be remade and manipulated.
1st video blogs tend to me one that people blank out, feel nervous and unsure due to the fact we speak to an inanimate object

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Granberry Museum

We visited the museum of technology from our past to present and even ideas of the future. How technology has come a long way in the last century and has created a simpler life. The piece that fascinated me the most was the wireless record player from 1929. You tune your radio to the setting or station of the player and the player would then play wireless through your radio. The technology is exactly the same as that of Bluetooth or Ipods that play in cars through stations. The idea had already been created, just was never used for about 75 years later! Shows how even technology can learn from its past.