Friday, August 24, 2012

Anthropological Introduction to youtube

Youtube showing viral videos and how we connect through this website that isn't meant to overrun peoples lives, but yet it shows the lives of everyone all over the world.
Numa Numa went viral especially when one guy decided to let go and feel free amongst himself.
People to people can connect and communicate and interact easier due to youtube along with other websites that are public.
Anyone can achieve the success of a viral video if promoted properly.
15% of all videos on youtube are actually remakes of other videos.
Almost 10,000 of the 200,000 videos on youtube are addressed to the youtube community itself.
Participant observation is joining the phenomenon.
Invisible audience phenomenon. The audience is unknown due to just speaking to a camera. The idea is that the video being created or your image and words could be remade and manipulated.
1st video blogs tend to me one that people blank out, feel nervous and unsure due to the fact we speak to an inanimate object

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