Monday, October 1, 2012

Live Blog 2

How to not conduct an interview by the film lab. Once you start, don't get distracted. Don't do an interview without a background. Do practice interviews beforehand. Ask specific questions and not broad ones. Don't wing it and have the questions prepared. Respect the subject. yes or no questions aren't good ones for an interview. "and then what happened, what happened next". Don't ever interrupt the client. Keep the subject looking at you and not the camera. Remnant lighting can be really harsh and bright. Rule of 3rds. Diffuse the light source, want to flatter the subjects. Sitting across from the subject is the one asking the questions. Nose room, head room, Don't cut off the chin, you can cut off the head. Watch the hands so that there in the shot instead of popping in and out of it. Background says as much about subject as the subject does.

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