Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Live Blog on Lib Guides

       Graphics are very important as well as conveying the idea of what the guides represent. Visually appealing as well as the text correlates with the image. Acknowledging the QR code and letting the viewer's know that it will take you straight to the online Library guides. All the guides do not convey what the library guides are trying to represent. So a more accurate representation of library uses. Library guides need to be more accurate in what each section of the library guides is about. More of one stop shopping for your resources in each topic area. The color contrasts such as the white on yellow, or yellow on white has a bad visual understanding. The athletic training with the knee is a good graphic, and the wording is almost correct, but needs to be just a touch more spot on. Grammatical errors in some of the flyers, need to be spell checked. More precise with a bit more punch to being accurately connecting the information and the images. More of a universal theme for all students rather than just isolation one section. So that they students view all subject areas. Extended campus, internet courses as a whole for those students who are onsite or online. There is one place that any student can go to access all the needs in each subject to be guided through the library. Access all subject at your finger tips using the QR code. Acknowledge the power the QR code has and what it actually does to represent the library guides accurately. Communicating to an audience through their language even if you don't speak it to create an understanding.