Monday, January 30, 2012

Semiotics or Truth?

Semiotics are signs or new media telling you something through words or an image to represent the actual word or image trying to be displayed. For example a Pipe image and underneath saying "this is not a pipe", The wording is in fact true! The validation of a pipe is a actual pipe in ones hand. Not a picture of a pipe, or a picture of a picture of a pipe or even a painting of a pipe. A video or image of something doesn't represent that thing but rather replicate its visual simulation or stimuli.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Beverly Hills Misinterpretations

Oil is a fuel substance. It is a liquid that powers machines and technology. It is highly flammable and very toxic to the body. It is as common as currency in modern time. 
Petroleum is a substance used to activate the fluxuator. A fluxuator is a triangle like light display that powers a mobile machine through time. Allowing the passengers of such a machine to experience different times per his or her liking.
A Telephone is an instrument for communication over great distances. You dial in a number specific to the person you are trying to reach and then a ringing noise happens. This device goes from the ear to the mouth so that you may listen as well as speak. You can speak for however long you would like.
An airfield is a vast empty spaced land with paved roads on it. A paved road is a flat concrete surface durable of several tons in weight. This field allows for air crafts to land smoothly and safely.
A Big Bird is a large cartoon like character. A cartoon character is a illustration of something for children. It is large Yellow and a educational bird for children.
A million dollars is a large quantity of currency. You have a Hundred, a Thousand, then tens of thousands, and Hundreds of thousands. After 999,999 is a Million!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blog Conventions and Best Practices

The Everyday Carry is a blog about regular people and their everyday carry's. The things they bring with them everyday. The necessities on hand for survival so to speak.It is written by those that post the picture of their individual items and the reason for them. The reader is someone who may be interested to see what he or she isn't carrying that would help benefit themselves also. The language is English because it is the most universal towards the readers interested. The look of the blog is a very calm yet stylish to the point to keep the interest of the viewer. The average post is about a paragraph or two long and easy to read.  

The A Hamburger Today is a blog about hamburgers from different places. It shows burgers that are healthy for you, bad for you, and taste better or worse for the price. Fun facts and places to eat and enjoy a different tasting burger a day. Robyn Lee posts the majority of the posts on this blog. Several others post similar finds of the best burgers around. The reader is anyone interested in a tasty treat or healthy find of burger. English is used because the locations are all in North America. The look is one with several visuals to appeal to ones appetite and intrigue the reader to want to try one of the burgers. The posts are no longer than a half page including the images to describe such meals. The vocabulary is a very descriptive one to lure the reader in to the detail of the burgers.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kevin Kelly & Lecture Material

Over time several different styles of communication have been established both in personal and in economical ways. Some are difficult at first as each time creates a new format in which people read from something other than their own thoughts. At first there was the Word. This was mainly just handwritten pieces of paper or tablet that could be presented to scribes or those of a higher caliber who could read such words.Once words became very well known and the majority of people could read or acquire such informational forms of it, then printed pages were created. This made things more clear and legible for a more universal text to be understood and mass produced. Usually in the format of paper to create books etc. Then these pages were applied to the screen of the modern new age of technology. These words that became print could now be typed and viewed through a screen or monitor presented before anyone who had television. This broadcast media quickly developed into several quicker and uniquely sized pieces of art such as an Tablet, or Phone, or Laptop. The new media has revolutionized the Word to fit any language, text, font, or even location in a blink of an eye.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog One, the Question

What is your experience with Digital Media?

My experience with Digital Media is a bit above par but not by much. Most people consider surfing the web, owning a Facebook account, and knowing how to buy things online an average knowledge of digital media. I know the basics and then certain side knowledge such as Graphic Design and Computer Formatting. The Graphic Design aspect ranges mainly in photo shop and how to manipulate images or create ones from scratch. Computer formatting is just a general knowledge of kb/s-tb/s and how to format NTFS to FAT32 and so on with the process of downloading and converting.

The Long Tail SmarterComics

This sample comic shows the contrast between life in the 70's and 80's versus life today. The examples are how a teen would occupy his or her free time back then against today's. Back then movies, music, and television were very popular as are today, however back then singles, albums, shows and movies all had exceptionally high ratings. Since today's world a teenager can access over 200 channels, download music and movies for free and share instantly with his or her friends, the attention span of today's youth has greatly diminished in comparison from those of the past few decades. The Long Tail is the title of this comic that shows great uniqueness between past and present.